3 easy ways to eliminate house clutter

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Eliminate House Clutter:
1) Stop thinking you have to get rid of your clutter in the politically correct manner. When you are in the midst of a clutter problem, you are really the one suffering. It is your space, your ability to have a clean home, your health and your sanity that is suffering. You are not in a position of helping others by giving your things away. You are the person who needs help. Therefore, help yourself by THROWING your clutter away. I am not kidding. Having too much stuff can be a serious problem that if you do not take steps to take care of this, you can be considered to have a disorder. So, avoid that and just throw out your stuff in the garbage. You can always give away something later after you get control of your clutter.
2) Concentrate on getting rid of clutter in your most used areas. It does not help you that much to spend time working in your basement or attic if you stumble over coats and shoes by your back door. Start by working on the clutter by your most used entry doors. From there go to the kitchen and most used living room. You want to have the areas that you actually live in look nice and be clutter free.
3) Obtain the correct clutter busting supplies. Buy large, black contractors garbage bags for throwing out the clutter. These heavy-duty garbage bags are very durable and you can just fill them up and haul them to the garbage without worrying that the bags will break. Plus, since they are black, snoopy people will not see what you are throwing away.

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